Friday, November 22

Hitting the Cosmic Pause Button

Friday, November 22

Dear fellow seekers of bliss...

We're taking a bit of a hiatus here on Bliss-ologie due to some health issues that just decided one day to become unmanageable. I hear these things happen. Rest assured we are all still busy creating happiness in our every day lives. You just don't get to hear about it for a little while. Sorry.

Please keep us in mind while you're out there perusing other blogs. We don't plan on completely disappearing and 2014 is looking pretty amazing. You check in with us from time to time and we'll check in with you...and at some point we look forward to a very happy reunion.

Until then,
take really good care of yourself and find bliss in every little thing

much love,
the Bliss-ologie team

Monday, November 18

My Bit of Bliss : Chelsea

Monday, November 18

nest:  These bunny clocks from Pottery Barn Teen have been on my wish list since I first saw them! Any alarm clock with bunny ears is just a little less threatening in the morning.
adorn:  Ban do can do no wrong in my book. I'd love to get my hands on this shimmery set of hair clips.
feast:  I love the paper straw trend, but I love it even more in gold!
aspire:  Rifle Paper Co's current lookbook stopped me in my tracks. Not only is it insanely creative, but it's full of quotes that I just love. This one's a pretty wonderful reminder.

Meet Chelsea, a seeker of bliss if ever there was one. We love her fantastic blog for all the cool, creative projects, the craving-inducing recipes and the BFF advice. But mostly we love it because Chelsea is one of those gals you can admire without dying of envy. Instead of feeling woefully unstylish in comparison, you'll want to roll up your sleeves and do something fun and crafty simply for the sheer joy of it - maybe call her up and swap ideas. And people like that are good to have around.

Stop by her blog, lovely indeed and say hello!

Wednesday, November 13

Bliss Tip No. 2

Wednesday, November 13

Just a few minutes will do. An inspiring article. An important news story. Pick up a magazine, a book of quotes, a how-to manual. Find better things on your smartphone than angry birds or candy crush. Read on city transit, in waiting rooms, during commercials. Be that person who always has something to read in her handbag. Be determined to plant at least one seed in your mind every single day. And then sit back and watch it germinate. Feel it swell and grow and amplify.

Tuesday, November 12

Simple Abundance

Tuesday, November 12
I LOVE Mezzetta Garlic Stuffed Olives. In fact, I wish I had some to snack on right now. Hmm.

Anyhoo, many many months ago now they disappeared from stores! ACK! There were other Mezzetta olives to choose from - kalamata, spanish - all of which are delicious, but they aren't my olives. The label on the empty shelf remained, but week after week of checking brought no new stock. And more sadness in my heart.

And then one day, I got the text I had been waiting for. There are olives! Hooray! And now everything is right in the world. My bliss had returned in the form of the two jars that BFF picked up for me at the local Save On.

I even got a jar for my birthday. I am a lucky lady.

Bliss adds up when you have a long list of little favourites that you can get unreasonably excited about. Especially when your friends and family know the list by heart and find moments to surprise you with them.

Friday, November 8

The Me of My Dreams

Friday, November 8

A dream is not a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. As much as I admire Cinderella for her resilience, her forgiving nature, and her taste in footwear, she's completely dead wrong about dreams. They aren't wishes. They aren't granted with the wave of a magic wand and a bibbity bobbity boo. They aren't things or places or circumstances. They are not even handsome princes. I had this dream once that totally came true. I thought that  my life would be complete if I could live in my dream city. And you know what? I made it happen.

Aaaaaaand then it un-happened.

And I thought my dream was over. But it wasn't. Because a dream is really nothing more than a desire to live to your potential and surpass your own expectations. Dreams are really all about being in the right place at the right time because we want something about ourselves to change or be changed. And we tend to think the stars must align and all the pieces fit before that can happen.

I had a friend who listened patiently as I ranted about the way my life had to be or all was lost. And then she asked me what I most wanted to feel. She pointed out that there were many paths to the feelings of fulfillment that I wanted. And that getting stuck on the circumstances, or lack thereof, was actually preventing me from obtaining the happiness. You don't need a dream city, a dream house, a dream job. What you're really after is the chance to become the dream you. And there are many paths to that dream.

So when I found myself back in this place of slow walkers, gentler ambitions, and deafening quietude, I promised myself I wouldn't lose sight of my dream Ginger. She may even move back to that dream city someday. But whether she does or not doesn't really matter all that much. She can be fabulous and happy pretty much anywhere that she can be herself.

bliss ginger cool-001

Thursday, November 7


Thursday, November 7

Don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in the winter. It's quiet but the roots are down there riotous.


Wednesday, November 6

My Bit of Bliss : Nicole

Wednesday, November 6

adorn: I have been searching for the perfect backpack for ages. I believe this herringbone backpack fits the bill quite nicely.
nest:  I think pallets just might be the answer to our fugly bedroom.
feast:  Two kinds of alcohol, one of which includes the word 'caramel' in its name, club soda and apples: count me in!
aspire: A friendly reminder: life is tough, but not as tough as us!

Meet the radiant Nicole. A blogger that hails from our own sunshiny corner of the world, although she hangs out in mountains and we just get foothills. Not fair. Anyway, we love her blog for it's sense of fun and adventure and rocky mountain vistas. If you ever imagined having a truly canadian BFF...Nicole would be the ideal candidate.

Stop by Gypsy in Jasper and say hello!